An Unexpected Fed Christmas Present?

By Traddr This Wednesday the FED is expected to raise the FED Fund Rate by 25 basis points from 0.25% to 0.50%. If this happens it will be the first rate hike since the summer of 2006, nearly 10 years ago. This very short piece tries to analyze the effect this hike may have on […]

4 Truths about the Stock Market Crisis of 2015

This is the world we live in post-2008 financial crisis. Smartphones, light fixtures and cheap shoes aren’t the only thing made in China. The next global recession might be, too. August’s international market rout, triggered by the biggest fall in Shanghai markets since 2007, has brought nearly every asset class down with it—European markets, U.S. stocks, […]

Hack into the Millennial Mind – by Rachel Fox

Next month, on October 19th, I’ll be speaking on a panel with a few experiences tech/business/stock market players at the super rad Stocktober Fest of 2015. I’m super excited to not only learn from all the skilled and experienced traders/investors attending and speaking, but also to share some first hand insight on my panel titled, […]

The Great Hedge Fund Heist by James Altucher

This is Part 1 in educational series from James Altucher. A hedge fund insider who Blows the Whistle on the Greatest Scam Ever Sold!   There’s a saying in poker: “If you can’t spot the sucker at the table, then you’re  it.”   Well, when you invest your hard-earned money with a hedge fund, you […]

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