Meet the undiscovered Real Estate Cannabis Stock Set to Capitalize on Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales

Meet the undiscovered Real Estate Cannabis Stock which is Set to Capitalize on Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales Almost a full year has passed since cannabis initially went on sale in Oregon – and the first licensed retail shops are set to open their doors on October 1st.  Oregon became the third state where marijuana can […]

Could a HEMP based energy drink really make us smarter?

Could a HEMP based energy drink really make us smarter? And in the process, this one hemp based beverage stock could give your portfolio a boost Have you heard of KOIOS? KOIOS is a nootropic formula designed to combat ADHD and to eliminate harmful stimulants. KOIOS combines 11 potent nootropics which delivers a high performance […]

Can this company’s Brand New Device Control your Bleeding during Surgery?

 Can this company’s Brand New Device Control your Bleeding during Surgery? When a medical device company comes out with groundbreaking technology which can prevent blood loss during a trauma– it has our attention Does it have your attention? With an unprecedented need for their product – this unknown stock may be ready to lift off […]

Successful traders have a lot to learn from sportsmen

Trading is often compared to performance sports. And why not since both have commonalities in terms of fear, anxiety, confidence and risk taking. Most individuals look at sporting personalities and envy their riches but few look at the effort they have put in – mentally more than physically. Competitive sports and trading are both more […]

Lithium Mining Stock ORRP is heating up as Tesla Gigafactory Gets Ready to Open its Doors

Breaking News: Tesla acquires Solar City, Releases Earnings AND Opens Doors to Nevada GigaFactory which Will Revolutionize The Battery Industry Tesla truly dominated the news this week.  After reaching a deal to buy out Solar City, released earnings, and most importantly, opened the doors to its $5 Billion highly anticipated Gigafactory. When completed, the GigaFactory […]

Gambling and trading – is it the same?

GAMBLING AND TRADING – IS IT THE SAME? May 10, 2016inFinancial Markets and Trading Many people think that trading and gambling are pretty much the same thing – thus very risky! Not only is that assumption false. It also acts as a deterrent, keeping people away from the financial markets. Hence those miss the exciting […]

Is Overtrading the Enemy of Investment Performance?

The biggest enemy of investment performance is overtrading. Overtrading means trading too much, too frequently or too large. Many times when I talk to people they say they’re interested in making money as investors or traders, but I think what they’re really interested in is the action, as opposed to making money. Most people would […]

9 tips that will improve your risk management RIGHT NOW

Risk management usually ranks very low on the priorities list of most traders. Typically, way behind finding a better indicator, more accurate entry signals or worrying about stop hunting and unfair algo-trading practices. However, without proper knowledge about risk management, profitable trading is impossible. A trader needs to understand how to manage his risk, size […]

S&P Doomed to Repeat?

When you look at charts, you are looking at the historical picture of price action.  This price action is caused by the thoughts and perceptions of the market participants.  During various economic and political conditions these thoughts and perceptions influence traders and investors in predictable manners.  By viewing similar patterns, we can often predict future […]

Martin Shkreli Shorted $OREX While #PremiereTrader was buying

Shkreli’s biggest blunder was an enormous short position in Orexigen Therapeutics , a La Jolla biopharma firm with an obesity drug. Shkreli shorted 32 million shares of Orexigen on Feb. 1, 2011, when it was trading about $2.50 per share. This was a massive bet that it would fall from there. But what was curious about […]

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