MRPHF – Here’s the TOP Marijuana Stock You Haven’t Heard Of….YET!

Marapharm Ventures – This Pot stock trades on Three Exchanges and is now available in the US. 

Here’s the TOP Marijuana Stock You Haven’t Heard Of….YET!


Marapharm Ventures Inc. (OTC QB: MRPHF) has a market-leading plan established for the emerging market of medical and recreational marijuana. 

MRPHF is a developmental stage publicly traded medical marijuana company with operations based in British Columbia.

MRPHF has applied to Health Canada to become a licensed producer under the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) issued pursuant to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Canada). Marapharm’s initial facility, a proposed 22,000 sq.ft state-of-the-art designed-to-suit cultivation facility, will be constructed on an 11 acre leased site in Kelowna, British Columbia.

MRPHF’s growth strategy will be to build facilities or acquire licenses in the United States, determined by identifying opportunities and researching the direction and location of sales. The company has currently focused its attention on opportunities in Nevada and Washington.

MRPHF has purchased Land in North Las Vegas, Nevada, for purposes of building a cultivation and production facility that will house three medical marijuana licenses.  Construction has already begun.

MRPHF has also purchased and is developing an all-natural hemp oil product line called, Maragold, which will be ready for market within a few months.

BREAKING NEWS:  MRPHF has invested heavily into Veritas Pharma Inc, a company which aims to develop the most effective proprietary cannabis strains for specific disease conditions, and to provide doctors and patients with conclusive scientific evidence to recommend and use medical marijuana with confidence, advancing the science behind medical marijuana.

 Canada Takes Next Step Toward National Marijuana Legalization


Analysts predict Canada could have $4.5 billion industry by 2021; marijuana task force wraps up extensive report that is expected to include recommendations on everything from age limits to medical marijuana, safety and home grows

Legalized Marijuana In Canada Would Be Worth Up To $22.6B Per Year


  A legal market for recreational marijuana could give Canada’s economy a boost of up to $22.6 billion annually, says a new study from business services firm Deloitte.

The study estimates that marijuana sales, even initially, would be at least as large as hard liquor sales in Canada, at around $5 billion annually, but could be as large as $8.7 billion, making them as large as wine sales.

Marapharm is poised to capitalize on it.



  Bloomberg reports that Canada will become the First G7 Nation to Fully Legalize Weed this Year

Check out the video:



Marapharm has a growing footprint in the US Market is expanding the business model to include “vertical plus” farming in its Nevada and Washington marijuana facilities




The numbers don’t lie.  There’s a definitive need for innovative companies like Marapharm and Wall Street may just be starting to take notice.



Hemp has been used in healing for centuries but faced an almost world-wide ban for a large part of the twentieth century and into the early part of the 21st century. In recent years the ban is gradually being lifted and this wonder-working, broad spectrum plant is now being made available for its many therapeutic uses.Marag

A subsidiary, Maragold health and wellness products, is a line of all natural products blended with hemp and made up of raw essential oils and natural ingredients.


Once Wall Street discovers Marapharm Ventures Inc. (OTC QB: MRPHM), the demand should be off-the-charts.

Could MRPHF be Wall Street’s next monster gainer?   Digest these facts.

Marapharm Ventures Inc. has 300,000 square feet of medical marijuana licenses for its’ land and facilities in Washington and Nevada.

The company has also applied in Canada for a MMPR (Production and Sales) license and has passed the necessary security clearances. The application is currently in the in-depth screening process.

In September 2016, Health Canada contacted Marapharm with a provision to amend its application to allow for the new regulations, ACMPR.

Marapharm is also expanding into California. On November 16, the company entered into an an agreement to purchase an industrial facility in southern California and three medical marijuana licenses for manufacturing, cultivation, and retail uses. The land size is 40,510 square feet and the existing building size is 6,875 square feet, with a 19-foot-ceiling clearance, for a purchase price of $3.2 million based on $450 per square foot for the building and $65 per square foot for the land. The yard area is paved and suitable for greenhouse growing.

Late last year, Marapharm announced another deal to purchase an industrial facility in southern California and three medical marijuana licenses for manufacturing, cultivation, and retail uses for a purchase price of less than $350 per square foot. There is excess land for expansion and the yard area is paved and suitable for greenhouse growing.

Marapharm also has automated cannabis machines, which will be located within retail outlets or dispensaries in Washington and Nevada. ACMs will stock and only sell Marapharm products in states where Marapharm owns the cultivation facilities and is permitted to act as a retail dispenser. In other areas, the machines will be leased to growers or will occupy floor space in retail outlets and dispensaries under revenue participation agreements.

Currently trading with a market cap of under $60 Million, MRPHF has a ton going for it with a substantial jump on its competitors.

MRPHF looks to be one of the must-own stocks in the cannabis space.


We’ll let you continue your due diligence and we’ll get back to you with updates in the near future.

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