Online Trading ETF Bull vs Bear Daily Chart Trends with Indicators

StockMarketFunding | October 01, 2010 Online Trading TQQQ Online Trading ETF Bull vs Bear Daily Chart Trend Indicators Technology Bull 3x Opening Bell Chart & Trade SMF Pro Traders were long (TYH) as equities traded higher intraday.

First of the month after we were shorting trends in August. We went long the Daily 3x Bull Technology ETF TYH on the lows of the day prior to today's big move. We've been trading the bear technology ETF 3X TYP. We ran into resistance and cut the short position based on technical analysis. The Bull 3x is still in a down turn. We compare the 2 charts on a daily and weekly level. We had the great breakout when August went lower the TYP was a great trade.

We'll be looking for the bear at the moving average support levels. We'll be buying the wholesale entries on the TYP when we test the moving averages.

Risk Management Ratio Adjustment - Trade Management at SMF TYH Falling means Stocks in Tech Sector will also be pulling back at the same time. TYP Gaining means, good time to either Short or get Puts.

However, when the market is strong, these dips in the opposite Bull (TYP) can be a re-entry point to stage another high. This is called Price Control and Price Action.

Knowing how to play one side of a trade against another. Also identify teenie expansion and contraction, BULL trend VS. BEAR Trend.

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