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Will the Euro Collapse?

Trading a true currency collapse is a rare opportunity. Most
market participants are familiar with the story of George Soros
and his ride to prominence on the back of the collapse of the
British Pound. Is it possible that a similar opportunity may
present itself soon in the form of a collapse of the Euro? The
analysis contained within this report tends to indicate that it
more than possible.

This is a technical analysis report with only tangential
reference to macro fundamental factors such as economic growth,
quantitative easing and interest rates. Sound technical analysis
tends to reveal the potential in a market long before fundamental
factors coalesce, though in this particular case the gap between
market action and fundamental news may be narrow. In a collapse
scenario, the edge provided by technical analysis can determine
whether a trader is properly positioned at the right time or left
watching on the fringes of the trade.

In this report I'll be covering:

  • EuroDollar
  • EuroYen
  • Interbank credit spreads
  • European Financial Stocks


This monthly chart will be used as our primary view for tracking
this market and its potential trading setups:

stock market trading



Will the Euro Collapse? -




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