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Resistance in GC, SI and ES...

I posted this video yesterday, showing resistance we have been waiting for in Gold, Silver and the ES for 1-2 weeks now.

Each rose to hit with precision and promptly fell back. This is weekly chart resistance and not insignificant...

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Launch of the new Andrew Maguire Metals service now scheduled for next Tuesday, April 10th.

We are launching a new intraday service for gold and silver traders next Tuesday.

You can see details at the link below:

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Andrew Maguire service launching soon....

Five days to the announcement of a new service operated by metals trader - Andrew Maguire

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Breaking news - Andrew Maguire interview.

BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Maguire whistleblower interview at King World News

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Andrew Maguire market commentary for Silver and Gold

This is a recent example of the market commentary posted each weekend by metals trader Andrew Maguire to MetaqlsTrades members:

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Andrew Maguire Gold entry - 2/16/12

Andrew Maguire took a Gold entry yesterday morning at 1707.60, 9 ticks from the low and now almost $30 in profit

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Silver support working well...

This chart posted back on the 10th identified support which provided yesterday's bounce.

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Gold and Silver charts

Just posted GC and SI chart as well as update on new webinar on 2/29.!/CoghlanCapital

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An ES weekly chart worthy of attention....

I have been alerting for the last 2 months that the upper parallel was a line to be cautious of in the ES.

As we approached the line last week I repeatedly warned of a possible tun.

We hit the line late last week with a 1329.75 pip perfect touch and are now back to the 1300 level.

The thing to note is that this UP rejection its on a weekly chart and so the move away from it will be comsensurate with the time frame.…


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Live charting session using Median Lines - covering Gold, Silver and currencies.

I will be hosting a charting webinar on Wednesday Feb 8th at noon ET.

The session is open to all so feel free to share the link:

Vehicles covered will include Gold, Silver, ES, DX and the currencies covered as part of the Morning Analysis service.

To get a better idea to the content you can view a recent webinar recorded in December using this link below:…


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Metals Overview - An Update

The Metals Overview video I posted this morning has been updated to show what evolved today.

Both levels I indicated as being lines to watch provided significant moves up in the metals.

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Metals Update for Gold and Silver

I have made public a metals update I posted this morning. This shows resistance above for Gold and illustrates a nice $2 trade in Silver...

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MetalsTrades launched with Andrew Maguire

It has been a VERY busy day today with the official launch of the MetalsTrades service.


The service launches March 1st but we have been inundated with traffic since the rpess release went out at 8AM today.

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Coghlan Capital and Andrew Maguire, renowned metals trader, team up to launch Gold and Silver service.

Coghlan Capital will launch a unique metals service on March 1st in conjunction with Andrew Maguire, a highly respected metals trader.

Those wanting to be notified when the service is formally announced on February 10th can now express their interest using the link below:

The service will be announced in detail on February 10th and launch March… Continue

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Conference in Vegas moved to November.

The Annual Conference has been moved from Oct 30th to Nov 20th to coincide with the Traders Expo. Andrew Maguire and I will talk about trading Gold, Silver and Forex, sharing methods and market information we use on a daily basis.

This will be Andrew's only public appearance since being named as the CFTC whistleblower and a unique opportunity to watch as he shares his 40 years of knoweldge in what is expected to be an intensive day.

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Andrew Maguire, silver trader to appear at one time event in the US

My partner, Andrew Maguire, and I will be hosting a conference on October 30th in Las Vegas. Thye conference will focus on trading forex and precious metals using both technical analysis and Andrew's twenty years as a professional metals trader.

Andrew shot to prominence recently as the 'whistleblower' that provided information relating to alleged manipulation of the metals markets. If you are a serious metals trader this is the only chance to see Andre speak live, detailing many of… Continue

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Speaking engagement this weekend with Andrew Maguire

Andy (of CFTC whistleblower fame) and I will be talking this weekend at the Best of Wyckoff International Conference in Palm Beach in relation to profiting from manipulation in the metals markets.

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Charting webinar

I am hosting a charting webinar for FX, metals and indices at noon today.

Methods demonstrated include median lines, action reaction lines and general market structure.

Hope to see some of you there. Some of my charts can be found here on Traddr.


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