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Markets Sell Hard On PMI Data, The Keys That Signaled This Fall Where...

The keys to this fall really started yesterday. Volume was extremely light yesterday ahead of the ADP Employment data and Chicago PMI this morning. The interesting part of yesterday that told of a fall coming really showed itself as the market came into the close yesterday. The SPY major intra day level of $106.20 was holding all afternoon. Then, in the last 20 minutes of the day, as if knowing a fall was coming, the SPY broke that key support. The markets closed below it. We noted to our… Continue

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Markets Turn Weaker On Back Of Poor Economic Data From Consumers

The markets rallied into the 10am ET time frame as they road yesterdays massive rally. At 10am ET, consumer confidence was released. This was not a pretty number as it dropped from last month. The question must be raised, who is correct. The consumers who do not feel this market is doing well or the economic data and our President and Federal Reserve Chairmen who show and tell us the US economy is out of a recession. There is a big disconnect between the two points. Consumers continue to feel… Continue

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Market Moves Higher On Monday After Chief Market Strategists Alert Premium Subscribers To Up Monday

Chief Market Strategists alerted on Friday to their Intra Day Stock Chat and Research Center premium subscribers to expect a Monday up move. Why? Simply point the holiday today, no economic news and lighter volume will always give the markets a positive bias. In addtion, the SPY hit the 20ma on the daily chart and many major stocks hit their major moving average support levels we well. Sure enough, per their call on Friday for an up Monday, the DOW is up 100 points on the morning… Continue

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Fed Removes More Liquidity From The System...Market Tanks As Dollar Jumps On It

The markets are seeing initial follow through to the downside as the Federal Reserve announced they would be removing some more liquidity from the markets. This has shot the dollar higher again. Those that have followed us know that if the dollar strengthens, the markets will drop. That is exactly what is happening. The markets have not seen such selling in quite a while and it begs the question whether or not we are seeing a pivot to the downside of the major cycle. This $105.50 level on the… Continue

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Major $107 Level Broken With The FOMC Policy Statement Looming

Small caps continue to be nailed in the Intra Day Stock Chat. The Alert on CRBC being given at $0.70. Just hit $0.86. Monster mover. Also, HYGS given at $0.50 yesterday in the Intra Day Stock Chat. That stock hit $0.63 this morning. The Research Center Premium Subscribers were notified yesterday of a Bearish Bias on oil. Sure enough, a $3.00+ drop today on crude oil on inventories. The calls continue to come, join and get the next big calls. Make money in all markets, day trade, swing trade,… Continue

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A Look Forward To The Trading Day

The markets may be slightly on the light side when it comes to volume until 2:15pm ET. That is the time when the FOMC Statement will be released. The market has been on hold this week until these comments and should see a massive spike in volume after them. There is no major economic news until the FOMC Statement. The only other thing that is worth noting is the 10:30am ET Oil Inventory numbers. That can have a direct impact on the markets as a drop or rise in oil prices usually push commodity… Continue

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Today Is A Fascinating Day In The World Of The Markets...What Could This All Mean?

The markets are trading flat to slightly higher on extremely light volume. The Federal Reserve began their two day policy meeting and will announce the results tomorrow at 2:15pm ET. This is the major contributing factor to the light volume. What makes today so interesting? Simply put, the dollars action in regards to the the markets. The dollar is getting absolutely blasted today. In fact, after two days of bounces, the dollar has just hit a new 52 week low. The interesting facet to analyze is… Continue

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195 Billion In Auctions This Week...And Anyone Wonders Why The Dollar Gets A Bid?

With a total of 195 billion in auctions this week, the dollar has caught a bid in the last few days. Why? The free fall in the dollar has had small bounces along the way. This usually happens just before and during large treasury auctions. The logical thinking behind this is that in order to get rid of the US paper, the government cannot have a dollar that is collapsing. When the dollar moves lower quickly, higher interest amounts must be paid to buyers of the US debt to entice them to buy it.… Continue

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After Nice Gap Down...The Markets Start To Float Higher On Light Volume And Dollar Pullback

The markets gapped lower today on the back of selling in Asia and a very strong dollar. The dollar gapped higher as this week there are 195 million dollars in auctions. In generally, you will see the dollar manipulated higher on auction weeks to make sure the auctions go smoothly and the US debt is bought for the most part. After, the dollar usually falls. The last auction is Thursday this week. The markets are now floating higher, Nasdaq has turned slightly positive as the light volume has… Continue

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Change In Character On The Dollar...Dollar Pushes Higher On Big Volume...

The dollar soared out of the gate today. As the dollar moved higher, the markets which had gapped up, started to drop back down towards the flat line. The DOW still trades on the positive side of things but off their highs. If the dollar starts to pull back, you will see this market move higher again. This market continues to be a perfect inverse to the dollar. Oil and gold have inched lower on the strong greenback.…


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Cataclysmic Event On Horizon For Markets...Either $107 Or Huge Drop Coming Based On Blast In Next...

The market is nearing a cataclysmic event and all traders, swing traders need to watch. The trend line below shows us that a close below could signal a hard sell for the rest of the day while staying above will no doubt take this market to $107. The markets are literally on a major point here on this Whipsaw Wednesday and looking for guidance. The nutty market has traded higher over the last two weeks after a big four day drop. As the market continues to just put minor up days together, we see… Continue

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One Year Later, One (Trillion) More Dollars

September 15th, 2008, a day that will live in infamy. Famous words, much the same, made in 1941 by our President Franklin D. Roosevelt. As the one year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse approaches, I find myself looking at the economic picture and wondering if we really dodged a bullet or if we traded in our single shot rifle pointed at our head for an semi automatic? Did we really just blow up the asteroid, on a crash collision with Earth, or just shatter it into a million more… Continue

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Final Destination: Markets Close Slightly Higher As Dollar Continues To Be Raped

In the last week, President Obama has pumped the market, Geithner has had a town hall meeting and pumped the markets and today, Bernanke proclaimed the recession over. Pump, pump, pump these markets higher...or so they try. With all that pumping, the dollar continually being raped lower, oil ripping higher, the markets barely squeaked out a positive day. Note below on the chart of the SPY closed right on the green trend line. Watch this green trend line for a possible break tomorrow and a… Continue

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JPM Ugly Sell Off As As Market Moves Lower In Early Trading

JPM took the market higher yesterday along with Goldman Sachs. Today however, JPM ripped higher as follow on buying took place. At 9:45am ET, JPM started to collapse and collapse hard. Watch this stock as it is hitting the 200ma on the charts. This has been a drastic sell off taking out all of yesterdays gains in a matter of 30 minutes. This is a major stock and market leader. The dollar is slightly stronger today, oil is neutral to slightly higher while gold is slightly lower. JPM continues to… Continue

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Major Trend Line Tells Us This Could Be Defining Moment Of The Day

Major blue line dictates a major level for the day. Should we close above that line, the markets could head back to $105.30 on the SPY. If we stay below, the downside may be significant over the next few days. Watch this one like a hawk, play it wisely and remember you saw it here!

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Markets Inch Higher As Key Level Holds. Double Top Tested As Well.

The markets floated higher after again failing to break the area of the 50ma and the 103.50 level to the downside. The chat room was given a positive bias for the day until the 103.50 level was closed below. That did not happen and thus the markets have gone up to test their double top high levels of resistance. The dollar has been the key to this market once again. The dollar gapped slightly higher (view UUP). After a small move higher (note market initially moved lower), the dollar fell and… Continue

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Markets Continue To Show Healthy Gains As Happy Wall Street Investors Continue To Buy Market

The markets continued their push back to the former highs at $104.35 on the SPY. Light volume, a weak dollar and a monster buy program hitting the financials have all given the markets a nice push. Right now the market hit our last posted resistance level and fell back at $104.00. If that breaks, the next level to watch is $104.35. Support is now $103.50. Watch the 1pm ET bond auction and the 2pm ET Beige Book.…


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JPM has had a strong bounce off the 42.40 level. Watch the trendline under 43.00 as resistance.

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Lunch Time Market Technical Summary And Keys

The market has behaved in an extremely interesting way today. First, the dollar is getting crushed today, that gave us an upside move of course. The key is this though, XOM and GS, two leading stocks in this market ran higher for most of the morning. However, while those two stocks ripped higher, the markets could not make a higher high. In addition, oil ran higher as well. Usually, this causes the markets to go higher as well and this market continues to be held in the mid range of $103… Continue

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Major Levels To Watch As The Dollar Gets Crushed...

The market got a gap higher on the back a major drop in the dollar as more talk of a new reserve currency emerges. As we have preached, this market is directly related to the dollar. Dollar up, markets down, dollar down, markets up. There are some major levels to watch, the resistance and master level for the day is $103.00. Master support is $102.50...If that breaks, watch the $102.00 gap fill. This market looks weak and could come in. Watch the dollar as well.…


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