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Lately it has been very common for the SPY to make a low in the first half of the trading session and move higher throughout the day. This has been the layup trade for months. If the financials are not rallying it is usually the energy stocks. Keep this play until it fails especially in this light volume environment..

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Markets Gap Higher On Dell Earnings And Intel Upping Guidance....However, Big Time Fade

The markets gapped up on Dell earnings yesterday after the bell and then this morning at 9am ET, Intel upped guidance saying demand is strong. The markets gapped higher on this news only to fade right away from the opening bell. The markets fell to gap fill, bounced hard, then fell to the InTheMoneyStocks master level of $103.15 before bouncing hard again. Currently, the markets are trading flat again on this Friday. The volume should continue to be light with a majority of the top traders on… Continue

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Major Level Being Tested On The Markets....Could This Tell Us About The Coming Days/Weeks?

Watch the $102.50 level on the SPY here. We are currently hitting it and trying to close below. A close below could tell us something very significant about the coming days. Watch this level also on a closing basis for the day. Jobless claims were surprisingly high in our opinion. This and next week are the two biggest holiday weeks the markets. Volume should remain light.

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Markets Jump Big On Bernanke's Second Term And Consumer Confidence...However..

The dollar started to run higher in the aftermath of the Consumer Confidence number and the markets started to sell hard. This has been a constant in this market. Dollar up, markets down, dollar down, markets up. Simple as that. Today is no different. The markets are fractionally positive now after taking out yesterdays highs because the dollar ran up. Watching and trading through this market is truly unreal. Stay tuned.…


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Financial Stocks Collapse In Late Trading...Bringing Market In. Market Held From Major Losses By XOM

Take a look at charts of GS, JPM, BAC, WFC, C, MS and other financial stocks. They all show ugly sell offs starting around the 12pm-1pm time frame. The markets sold off nicely from their highs but held the flat line as XOM continued to press higher or hold its ground. XOM is the strong stock of the day with oil ending just slightly positive. The dollar inched higher and gold was hit to the downside. Watch these finanical stocks tomorrow. Could this be a key about future trading in this market… Continue

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Chief Market Strategist Issues Strong Positive Bias On NIVS IntelliMedia Tech Group, Inc. (NIV)

I have made a career of finding small cap stocks that are undervalued or just getting discovered. It is my passion and the profits can truly be addicting. The adrenaline jolt to my body as I watch a small cap jump 25% or more in minutes is unparalleled. There is truly nothing like it. This China play has I bring to you all has potential to double in value if it gets discovered.

As I sit here and study the charts and fundamentals of… Continue

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Markets Surge On Existing Home Sales Data, Weak Dollar And Bernanke Comments On Economy

The markets are surging on this light volume options expiration Friday. The key initially to the gap up was the weak dollar. The dollar moved lower again causing oil to jump in a major way. Then at 10am ET, exisiting home sales numbers along with comments from Ben Bernanke causes a massive spike higher. The move in the SPY took out the $102 previous high made a couple weeks ago and has raced higher than the next intra day resistance level at $102.50. Watch this $102.50 level on a closing basis… Continue

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The SPY is trying for the August 7th high. This will be good intraday resistance. This is options expiration and a lot of institutional games generally get played this week. It also is going to be one of the lighter volume days of the year which makes it easy for the big money to push this market around.

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Chart Analysis + The Manipulation Factor

As the dollar headed south over the last 6 months, many wondered if it was about to collapse. Hedge funds, mutual fund managers, individual traders and investors had and are still short the dollar. The rally since March has coincided directly with the fall in the dollar. The yearly highs on the dollar were made in the first week of March and sure enough, the low of 666 on the S&P was also hit in the first week of March. Clearly, the rally has been a re inflation rally but there are other… Continue

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Good Consolidation, Up Move Today Following The Brutal Sell Move Yesterday

The markets are consolidating in a bullish pattern here on very light volume. This could signal a little bit of an upmove coming back to the highs of the day. Generally, after a monster move like we saw yesterday, you will get a pause day of light volume and sometimes a small rubber band bounce back. That seems to be the case here. Watch $99.00 on the SPY, then $99.25. On the downside, watch support at $98.70 and $98.40.…


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Futures Sell Hard Off Of Asia Massive Drop As Markets Start To Doubt Consumer Is Recovering

The data of late has not been pretty and it appears the markets are starting to come off their "sugar high". Realization that the consumer is not spending is putting major pressure on China and Asia. Retail sales from last week were very showing in that regard. Major call from on the pivot high of $102 from a week ago. That level was never taken out and a dead on call again for a major move downward. Premium members were all over the short at those levels. Join now to get… Continue

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How InTheMoneyStocks Knew The Markets Would See New Highs And Called It Perfectly

Per the analysis on the blog post earlier this afternoon as the market was tanking off the highs, Chief Market Strategists were alerted this market could see the highs and possibly new highs on the day. This is how: The 10 minute chart was coming into a major level of support. Not only was the 200ma being hit but also the 50ma. This area on the 10 minute chart was a huge level and should be… Continue

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Markets Squeeze Ahead Of Fed And 10 Year Bond Auction....Smart Money Is Careful Here

The markets had a minor gap down and then began the squeeze. The squeeze has taken the markets to gap fil from Monday levels and continues to look strong. This wipes out the entire move down yesterday. While this move has been a monster to the upside, be cautious as the markets biggest hurdles are coming later today. At 1pm ET we will get the 10 year bond auction results and then at 2:15pm ET, the Federal Reserve will release their policy statement. Scalps were available per the chat room at… Continue

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Noon Market Wrap - Markets Trade Lower On Financial Smack Down And Commodity Drop

Financials have really been hammered today. Just take a look at JPM, BAC and AIG. All getting roasted to the downside nicely. In addition, commodities have started to drop. China had some poor economic news overnight and that may be putting significant pressure on commodities. All this is combining for a nice down day on Wall Street. The big question will you see a market float up into the close today based on the light volume. 3 year bond auction will be released at 1pm, the Federal… Continue

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Noted Major Resistance At $100.85 On SPY. If No Close Above...Would Tank. BOOOOM

Again, another called nailed here. Posted that as long as you did not close above $100.85 on the SPY, the market would tank hard. Sure enough, majore drop on the markets. Support now in play at the 200ma!
Source: Rant and Rave

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When The Market Give You Lemons, MAKE MONEY!

This market has been plagued with interesting factors creating an even more difficult trading environment; buy programs, sell programs, mass manipulation. All this emphasizes the importance of becoming privy to the factors that move this market under any circumstance.

Today's end of day price performance displayed one of the many scenarios that time after time, catch the amateur trader on the wrong side of the market - fake out moves.

Confirmation is constituted with a… Continue

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Alerting: Possible Break Down Below Major Channel Trend Line On Markets

Note the beautiful channel that the markets have been in for the last two trading days. The markets are attempting to break to the downside into the close today. Should this break, more downside is highly likely. However, be careful into the close today of light volume buy programs. They can jump in at any point to save this market. Watch for a close below the trend line and then confirmation.…


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Double Top On SPY (Market) Coming Into Play At $100.50

Should see the market stall out up in that level. Light volume lunch hour has started with a float higher. Not surprising at all. Markets continue to see weak handed amateurs chasing this market along with mutual funds. Watch the key levels on these charts. Do not be one of the amateurs so join the Research Center.

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Goldman Sachs Falls Back After Solid Start...However, Dollar Keeps Commodities Up....Market Up

Goldman Sachs has fallen back significantly after a good opening push. However, the markets remain strong telling us that this is a commodity push off the continued collapse of the US Dollar. The key here is...when does the drop in the dollar begin to scare traders. Massive drop since Friday. Commodities have had a huge move because of that. The dollar is everything right now and the only reason we are moving higher.…


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