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Is This The Next Leg Of The Bull Market Or Just Bull Shhh?

There is really no person that can deny the size of the rally over the past four trading sessions. The highly popular and followed Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA) has surged higher by 460.00 points in just four trading sessions. This is an enormous move in such a short period of time. One would think that cancer was cured with the action in this stock market. In reality, all that happened was the can of problems in Greece, and the European Union, was kicked down the road a little bit.… Continue

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Two Stocks That Will Pull Back Next Week

The bears are morphing into bulls and the Greek aid package is solidified. This week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up close to 500 points. This move in the market is one of the biggest in a one week period in years. Stocks have gone from being at major low pivot support levels to huge resistance levels. They have gone from oversold to overbought in days. Below are two stocks that are extended and should see a pull back next week.

Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT) is currently… Continue

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Stock Market Slams Into The 50 Moving Average

The markets are sharply higher again today. This is the fourth day in a row major gains are being seen on Wall Street. The Dollar again is sharply lower as the Greek aid package is essentially signed, sealed and delivered. The PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish (NYSE:UUP) is trading at $21.22, -0.10 (-0.47%).  Remember, a weak Dollar is positive for the stock market. As things look better in Europe, the Euro gets stronger. As that currency strengthens, the Dollar must weaken in… Continue

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Rare Earths Are Still The Rage

The rare earths stocks really became well know and popular in late 2010. This sector looks to have peaked in early May 2011 with the overall stock market indexes. The rare earths have been staging a short term rally on the daily chart since June 16, 2011. This morning, all of the rare earth stocks are trading higher. This recent move higher in this sector is now getting a little long in the tooth, therefore, this sector is likely going to pullback soon.

Molycorp Inc.(NYSE:MCP)…

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F5 Networks and Netflix Are The NASDAQ Laggards

This morning, the major stock indexes are rallying higher for the fourth consecutive trading day. The NASDAQ Composite is trading higher by over 24.00 points to 2765.00. Just about every leading NASDAQ 100 stock is trading higher on the day. There seems to be just a couple of leaders that are lagging the tech heavy index. The two leading tech stocks that are trading lower are F5 Networks Inc.(NASDAQ:FFIV), and Netflix Inc.(NASDAQ:NFLX).

F5 Networks is a leading networking stock…

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Lululemon and Nike Bounce Off Lows

This morning, leading Canadian yoga apparel maker Lululemon Athletica Inc.(Nasdaq:LULU) started the morning lower trading below $110.00 a share. The early decline seemed to be caused by a downgrade. The stock has surged higher by 35.0 percent since making a low pivot on June 6, 2011 at $82.36 a share. This downgrade is understandable as the stock is very extended on the daily chart at this time. Short term traders can watch for intra-day resistance around the $112.85 level.

Nike… Continue

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Visa And Mastercard Soar On Swipe Fee Increase

This afternoon, Visa Inc.(NYSE:V), and Mastercard Inc.(NYSE:MA) are soaring higher after the Federal Reserve raised the cap on debit card swipe fees to 0.21 cents to 0.12 cents. Traders should watch for intra-day resistance on MA stock around the $308.25 level. The intra-day resistance level on Visa stock should be around the $86.70, and $91.00 levels.

Nicholas Santiago…


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New Kids On The Block

Recently, there has been a new wave of initial public offerings reaching Wall Street. Everyone is getting very excited about all of the new internet companies that are roaring on the market place. This year we have seen companies such as LinkedIn Corp.(NYSE:LNKD), and Pandora Media Inc.(NYSE:P) become publicly traded companies. These two stocks have seen volatile trading action since their IPO, however, the demand for these stocks before coming public was enormous and over… Continue

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Did You Miss It: Another Bailout For The Banks

The financial stocks are soaring today on yet another bailout. Europe just bailed out Greece and by doing so, saved the world from yet another global financial crisis. Many will not understand how this was a bank bailout, yet again. Let me explain. If Greece did not get their bailout, they would default. European banks would take large losses if that happened because of credit default swaps and derivatives, among other things. U.S. banks have less exposure but still some.

While this… Continue

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Markets Extend Gains On Commodity Stocks

The stock market rally is continuing for the third consecutive day. Austerity measures in Greece were voted through this morning. This was widely anticipated but is still being cheered by Wall Street. The market is moving higher today mainly because of the rise in the Euro. The Euro is jumping as Greece will no longer default on debt, saving the European economy for now. As the Euro moves higher, the Dollar moves lower.  The CurrencyShares Euro Trust (NYSE:FXE) is trading at $143.70, +0.60… Continue

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Large Financial Stocks Rally On Greek Austerity Vote

The large financial stocks are trading sharply higher this morning. This sector has been under severe selling pressure until today. It appears that the Greek austerity vote has helped to lift the large financial stocks this morning. Recently, there have been many rumors in the trading community that the large financial companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.(NYSE:JPM), Goldman Sachs Inc.(NYSE:GS), and Morgan Stanley(NYSE:MS) have had a lot of exposure to Greek and European debt.… Continue

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Forget Greece, It Was Baked Into The Cake

Once the Greek parliament voted in favor of the austerity vote the U.S. Dollar Index has rallied higher off the morning lows. Should the U.S. Dollar Index trade higher throughout the trading session we could expect the major stock indexes to fade or deflate throughout the day. The European Union has many hurdles in front of it besides Greece. Countries such as Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Belgium are just a few countries that could face the same crisis as Greece in the near… Continue

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Goldman Sachs Sinks Despite Market Rally

One of the leading financial stocks in the entire stock market is Goldman Sachs Group Inc.(NYSE:GS). Since April 2010, this stock has been surrounded by a black cloud. Last year, the company paid out a record $550 million to settle with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over fraud charges. Earlier this year, the stock has come under numerous allegations by many leading politicians.

The stock topped out on April 18, 2011 at $175.34 a share. This afternoon Goldman…

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Solar Stocks Heat Up

As the markets catch their second up day in a row, solar stocks are pressing higher. This move in solar is most likely related to the bounce in oil. Always remember, when oil gets more expensive, more consumers will turn to alternate energy. Therefore, alternate energy stocks usually trade with the price of oil.  In addition to the rise in oil, the markets are optimistic that the Greek austerity measures will be passed tomorrow. Should these pass, then the EU may be saved some major defaults… Continue

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Alert: Stock Market May Fade Ahead Of Greek Vote

The markets have floated higher today on the back of a slowly weakening U.S. Dollar. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE:SPY) is trading at $129.06, +1.12 (+0.88%). The markets have just put in an intra day topping tail. A topping tail is a bearish signal as it usually signals a reversal. In addition tomorrow at 5am ET, Greece will be voting on the austerity package. As of now, it is said that they have 151 votes for the motion. They need 150 to pass it. The markets may get a little nervous later… Continue

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Airline Stocks Stay Grounded

The morning, the major stock indexes are surging higher. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading higher by 120.00 points and most major sectors in the market are participating in the rally. The airline sector looks to be lagging the major stock indexes this morning. The cause for the weak action in the airline sector looks to be due to the bounce in oil. This morning, WTI oil is trading higher by $1.22 to $91.83 a barrel. When oil is higher the airline stocks seem to struggle.…


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Major Financial Stocks Fail To Participate In Rally

The large major financial stocks are not rallying higher with the major stock indexes this morning. This leading sector continues to struggle on the charts. Most of the leading financial stocks remain in sharp down trends. Traders can simply look at a chart of the Financial Select Sector SPDR (NYSE:XLF) and clearly see that this industry group is trading below the important daily chart 50, and 200 moving averages. The XLF looks to be basing in a bearish manner on the daily chart at this… Continue

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Forget Greece, Watch This Chart

This morning, the major stock market indexes are rallying higher. The move in the market looks to be broad based as every sector seems to be inflating higher. Many traders and investors are very concerned with the events taking place in Greece today. Greece is facing a 48 hour strike before the important austerity vote on Thursday. The protesting in Greece has turned violent and many traders are concerned that this violent action could escalate over the next two days. While all of these… Continue

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It Is As Inverse As It Can Get

When the U.S. Dollar Index declines the major stock indexes inflate and rally higher. This inverse relationship between the U.S. Dollar Index and the major stock indexes are as inverse as they have ever been. Traders and investors can simply look at the chart below to how correlated these two charts are. As long as the U.S. Dollar Index remains on the weak side and continues to decline the major stock indexes should hold up and keep the intra-day gains into the close. Should the U.S.… Continue

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Biggest Stock Market Level In Years Still Holds

The markets are hanging on to the side of the cliff. They are unwilling to break and that is saving investors from an ugly death spiral.  Last week I discussed a major trend line that starts at the pivot low from May 2009. If you connect it to the lows of 2010, the trend line extends to the recent lows in the market. This is the biggest level the markets have had since the 100% bounce from the lows of 2009. Should this trend line break, the markets will collapse, ultimately heading for the 2010… Continue

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