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Futures Sell Sharply After ADP Employment Number...Will It Hold?

The futures were flat going into the ADP Employment number. The ADP

Employment number gives the market a view of private sector hiring or

firing. With lofty expecations, the jobs number missed by quite a

bit. Economists had expected a rise of 40,000. The number, released

at 8:15am ET, came in at -23,000. This is a miss of 63,000. The

futures have sold sharply.

While the markets are lower, they may not sell dramatically today due

to the light volume… Continue

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When Will The U.S. Debt Become A Negative?

Since October 2008, the U.S. government has been spending a lot of

money, most of which it currently does not have. Simply put, to keep

the economy going the government has borrowed from other nations and

from the Federal Reserve Bank. The major foreign debt holders are

China, Japan, and Brazil. The capital borrowed from the Federal Reserve

Bank is simply printed. The national debt for the United States is now

estimated to be over $12 trillion dollars. I repeat $12… Continue

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Market Hardcore Analysis...Learn The Keys!

The markets started the day with a small gap higher and quickly added to the gains on light volume. It seemed as if the DOW would make a run at the 11,000 level. Consumer Confidence was reported at 10:00am ET, showing a small positive increase. The index that measures the general publics opinion on the economy and how healthy they feel, rose to 52.5 in March from 46.4 in February. This was slightly ahead of expectations.

While this may have seemed like good news, the markets paid… Continue

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Markets Higher On Weak Dollar, Optimism, Friday Jobs Report And Volume

There are many factors contributing to the small upswing in the markets

today. The markets are hovering up about half a percent. The

interesting thing about the float higher today is that it could last

for the entire week. All the factors today, are factors that could

show up for the rest of the week in the markets. The biggest ones

revolve around light volume, based on the Passover Holiday and Good

Friday. This will keep some traders on the sidelines and volume… Continue

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How Markets May Extend The Rally Next Week

With the meteoric rise in the markets of late, many are wondering if it

can continue. Problems are looming but in the last two months, the

markets have ignored them all, having only a handful of minor down

days. Can it continue? Here is a possible reason to say yes!

Volume next week should be muted due to three factors. The first is

Passover, a Jewish holiday which begins Monday night. Holidays can

always cause light trading. In addition to Passover, the… Continue

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The Low Down On The Up Market Today. (NYSE:SPY), (NASDAQ:AAPL), (NYSE:CVX), (NYSE:XOM)

The markets are trading higher today, retracing approximately 50% of

the drop yesterday, from the highs of the day to the lows of the day.

It was a monstrous reversal in the last two hours of trading. The SPDR

S&P 500 ETF (NYSE:SPY) hit my master level at $118.15, crossing it

by $.02. Then, as if the end of the world had come, the markets

dropped like a rock. Again, today we are seeing a 50% retrace of that

move, at this point in the day.

The markets… Continue

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Market Reversal After Master Level Hit, Insane.

The markets gapped higher today, surging like the usual fluffy, happy

market we have seen since the February 5th, 2010 bottom. Volume was

extremely light but a Master Level was lurking according to my hardcore

calculations. Over the last two weeks, I had been trying to figure out

why, when and how the market was going to reverse after such insanely

continuous gains. Day after day this market has inched higher.

After countless hours of analysis, number… Continue

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When The Bond Market Speaks, Traders Listen

Since the stock market rally began in March 2009 much of the focus has

been on the U.S. Dollar, gold, oil, copper, and the financial stocks.

While these sectors have all been very important to the rally, there is

one sector that has been overshadowed and may be the most important. It

is the 10 year bond yield.

As the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank blatantly try and

inflate the markets back to health, there is one problem that stands in

their… Continue

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Markets Stall Then Fall, A Change In Character? (NYSE:GS), (NASDAQ:AMZN), (NYSE:XOM), (NASDAQ:GOOG)

The markets gapped higher today on the back of a downgrade of the debt

rating of Portugal and a resulting surge higher in the dollar. While

the gap down in the markets was solid, this is a common occurrence for

the markets as they usually just get propped up on the open and trade

sideways to higher all day. Today, however, could be different. The

markets gapped lower only to trade back up towards the flat line in the

first hour of trading. This looked normal, this… Continue

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Financials Under Pressure, Sights On Financial Reform.

Financial stocks are weaker today as many investors fear the bulls eye

is directly on stocks like Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE:GS),

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM), Wells Fargo & Company

(NYSE:WFC), Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) and others. Why you may ask?

President Obama has just passed his most important agenda. The

healthcare reform bill will define him in a historical sense and he

knows it. This bill was his number one priority for his presidency… Continue

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Video: Setting Up To Profit.

The markets are setting up for a showdown. Simply put, volume has been

muted of late but may change shortly. The market awaits further

European information on how bad the Greece crisis continues to be and

in reality, who is next? The markets seem to be sweeping it under the

carpet, but everyone knows Greece was just the first of many to come.

For now, the markets are content to ignore it.

Volume indicates lack of institutional involvement. Over the last… Continue

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Markets Tank On Healthcare Uncertainty, Options Expiration. (NASDAQ:GOOG), (NASDAQ:BIDU), (NYSE:BA)

The markets are selling sharply on the best volume of the week. The

healthcare vote this weekend looks like it might pass and the markets

are getting jittery. The markets hate change and worry about continued

government reckless spending. In addition, there will be new taxes

imposed on capital gains which hit directly at the core of Wall Street.

While the markets seem to be in a slight panic over health care reform

that may pass, options expiration is also at… Continue

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Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Signals Possible Top With Candle Formation.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is forming what could be a tell tale sign

of a top on the daily chart. The candle formation is known as a

possible topping tail. A topping tail occurs when a stock runs up

intra day early and then pulls back later in the day. It creates a

long tail on the top and a close in the lower 25% of the candle.

In addition, one must analyze the daily chart for an over extended

rally. Ford Motor Company clear is extremely extended on the… Continue

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Euro Collapses, Dollar Jumps, Markets Sleep. (NYSE:UUP), (NYSE:FXE), (NYSE:NKE), (NYSE:FDX)

The dollar, PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish (NYSE:UUP) has

jumped dramatically higher today as the Euro, CurrencyShares Euro Trust

(NYSE:FXE) fell off a cliff. Fear appears to be emerging over future

problems in Europe. We all know about the problems with Greece but

this is just the start I fear. Where there is one rat, there is a

hoard. Be ready for the next one to emerge soon in my opinion.

While a dramatic rise like this in the dollar usually has a… Continue

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Propping Continues As Shady Activity Seems To Ensure Market Does Not Fall. (NYSE:SPY), (NYSE:DIA)

The markets are all hovering higher today. Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500 up over half a percent on the day. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE:SPY) is higher by .60%. The SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (NYSE:DIA) is up the same. Since the February 5th bottom, the markets have gone straight higher. Rumors and speculation jump out on why the markets have done this. Across the board, it is looking more and more suspicious. Suspicious? Yes, it is looking like there are other factors at work in… Continue

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United Airlines Is Descending This Morning As Oil Rises (NASDAQ:UAUA), (NYSE:LUV)

UAL Corporation (NASDAQ:UAUA) and most of the major airlines are

trading lower this morning. The airline sector has had a terrific rally

recently soaring to new 52 week highs.

Many of the airlines have been reporting an increase in passenger

revenue during the first quarter. However, the rumors of possible

consolidation in the industry have been one of the main catalysts for

the strong rally from early February.

The one negative for the airline… Continue

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Education 101: The Beauty Of The Markets - Former Resistance Becomes New Support

Note how last Friday the markets hit a new 52 week high of $115.97.
Today we slammed into that level and rose above. As the markets pulled
back, the former resistance level of $115.97 now becomes support. Note
how the market is gently bouncing off that level. The markets are a
beautiful thing.

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Some Names That Are Not At 52 Week Highs (NYSE:FCX), (NASDAQ:AMZN), (NYSE:AXP)

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE:SPY), iShares Russell 2000 Index ETF

(NYSE:IWM), and the PowerShares QQQ Trust, Series 1 ETF (NASDAQ:QQQQ)

are all at new 52 weeks highs surpassing the recent January top. The

bull run from the March 2009 lows continues higher for these major

indexes. However, there are a few individual leading stock names that

are not at new 52 week highs. These stocks have not displayed the same

relative strength as the indexes and must be watched… Continue

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Video: Markets Sell On Worries Ahead Of FOMC. (NYSE:GS), (NYSE:JPM), (NYSE:WMT), (NASDAQ:GOOG)

The markets are trading lower today on the back of some renewed global worries. The dollar is higher. The in spirit of bear flag highlighted by us on Friday did play out

nicely. A new bear flag is starting to form. It may play out tomorrow

as the volume is extremely light. Light volume can cause patterns to

fail on occasions.

Stocks in motion today are Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT). While the

rest of the market is weak,…

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Market Dumps Completing Bear Flag. (NASDAQ:AAPL), (NASDAQ:GOOG), (NASDAQ:BIDU), (NYSE:SPY)

As I wrote about this weekend, the markets had a beautiful in spirit of

bear flag. Sure enough, it is playing out today with a nice sharp sell

off in the markets. As mentioned to my premium members on Friday, I

put the chance of a top at 70% near term. So far the markets are

playing this out like a fiddle.

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE:SPY) is lower by $0.76 (-.65%). There

has been really no negative news today which enforces the whole idea

that charts… Continue

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