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Markets Holding Near Lows And Minor Support...Possible Break To $108.00 On Tap

The markets have been all over the place today, from a gap and go to the upside, a sharp rollover and then a nice bounce to the markets which have now dropped, hovering at the minor support at the lows of the day. With this retest comes the solid chance that the markets will move down to the double bottom from yesterday at $108.00. This is a major support level and should be eyed as a bounce play intra day. Keep a close eye on the markets here as a master level may get tested once… Continue

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As The Dollar Inches Into Resistance, Expect A Commodity And Market Bounce

The markets have tumbled over the last two weeks giving a sour start to 2010. Many point to the fall as being a result of President Obama's tough talk on bank regulation, not allowing them to take risks that have been the key driver of profits. The Financial Select Sector SPDR (ETF) (NYSE:XLF) has tumbled in the last two weeks over 7%. Stocks like Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE:GS) has tumbled from its the highs on January 7th, 2010 of $179.75 to recent lows of $148.27. While many blame… Continue

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The U.S. Dollar index is still the driving force.

Stock market futures soared last night when the President of the United States was giving his 'State of the Union' address around 9:00 pm EST. Please note that the U.S. Dollar index also began to decline at that very time. Once the dollar began to bounce the futures began to pull back in it's overnight gains. The weak dollar is very important for this market if it is to rally. Please remember a strong dollar puts pressure on commodities and inflationary stocks, therefore, making it difficult… Continue

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Obama Does Not Bash Wall Street, Markets May Bounce. (SPY), (QQQQ), (USO)

The markets staged a late rally after the Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged. In addition, their comments alerted the markets that interest rates would remain at rock bottom levels for the foreseeable future. With interest rates low, stimulus money flowing, growth and the re-inflation rally continuing in the near term are likely. The markets surged into the close turning from a negative day into a solid positive day.

In addition, this evening President Obama gave his State… Continue

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Oil Setting Up For Bounce. U.S. OIL FUND ETF (NYSEArca: USO), Exxon Mobile Cp (NYSE: XOM)

As a Chief Market Strategist at InTheMoneyStocks I study the markets for close to 15 hours a day. Price, pattern and time are my holy book as I recognize master setups and alert my clients to them. Today I bring you a new call. I am giving oil an upside bias for the near term. Fundamentals along with technicals are telling me there will be a bounce. It looks like it already may have begun today.

The U.S. OIL FUND ETF (NYSEArca: USO) has sold off from my top call at $41.20. That sell… Continue

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KFT Looks Like Daily Short Term Swing As Major Level Tagged

KFT has dumped out violently over the last week or so. It came through a key gap fill and right into a major pivot low per the chart below. This should now bounce for one to three days with a target of $28.05. Enjoy!

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Chart Ahead Of Apple Inc. (AAPL) Earnings Looks Fishy. Did They Have A Blowout Quarter?

The volatility last week was wild with earnings that just did not cut it. However, the real shock came when President Obama, due to a republican win in MA and the super majority gone in the senate, was forced to talk of tightening the noose on bank and the future risk they wish to take. Considering these banks like Goldman Sachs Grp. (NYSE: GS) made half their revenue from trading, a high risk venture, this put a major scare in Wall Street. It also sets up a possible war between Wall Street and… Continue

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Market Gaps Higher Then Slowly Fades Forming Bullish Pattern...Volume Light As Market Await AAPL

Last week was brutal for the markets. After nearly a 600 point DOW sell off, the markets gapped higher this morning. Talk that Federal Reserve Head Ben Bernanke would be confirmed into a second term later this week helped ease Wall Streets fears. In addition, there was a technically oversold market with many key stocks coming into super support these were highlighted on the Hot Charts & Alerts and Pro Trader Watch List. A gap up was somewhat of a no brainer based on buyers stepping up.… Continue

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The End All Pivot Line...Watch This If Nothing Else

This trendline will dictate whether or not the market ends higher today or lower. If the market stays below it, we will end negative and possibly down further. If we get above it, we will not go back down, in fact we may see buy programs to push the market up decently on the day. Watch closely! Live, Learn, Profit. Join the Research Center and/or Intra Day Stock Chat!

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Insight Into Goldman Sachs Earnings...What Main Street Should Be Worried About

Goldman Sachs Grp. (NYSE: GS) reported net profits of $8.20 per share on revenue of $9.62 billion. This blew away the earnings per share number which was expected at $5.20, however, missed the revenue number slightly which had been expected at $9.65 billion. When analyzing these numbers, this is just the start.

The key with Goldman Sachs that will worry Wall Street and should truly bother Main Street is that not only did Goldman Sachs not beat revenues which means their earnings beat… Continue

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Priced for Perfection: When Good Stocks Turn Bad

As corporate earnings season is fully underway many of the shining star stocks have sold off after their earnings release. The first major stock to report two weeks ago was Alcoa (NYSE:AA). The stock had an amazing move higher trading at a high print of 17.60 prior to it's earnings release. Once the earnings were released the stock sold off and it now currently trades at 15.25. Some recent stocks that have followed this pattern are Intel Corp (Nasdaq:INTC), International Business… Continue

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The Market And Many Key Stocks Hover On Key Support

The market and key stocks like Goldman Sachs (GS), JP Morgan (JPM) and others are hovering on key support now on an intra day basis. This tells us the market is trying to put in a bottom for the day here. Watch as volume lightens up to see if the market is pushed slightly off the lows into the close. Anyway you cut it, this is an ugly down day. The markets have sold on the back of earnings from IBM, BAC, WFC, MS as well as the dollar ripping higher on the republican win in MA and some economic… Continue

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Make Or Break...Technicals And Earnings On Tap Showing This Week Means Everything

After earnings announcements from Alcoa Inc. (NYSE: AA), Intel Corporation (NasdaqGS: INTC) and JP Morgan Chase Co. (NYSE: JPM) did not live up to expectations and their stocks fell, the market is beginning to get a little nervous. We have seen the market have some recent sharp declines on these earnings, each following day it has bounced back and recovered most of its losses. What we are seeing here is the market either putting in a technical topping pattern or beginning to lose its mojo… Continue

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TECHNOLOGY: What Is Left In The Tank?

International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM), Apple Computer (Nasdaq:AAPL), Google (Nasdaq:GOOG) and most other technology stocks are are leading the markets higher today. This looks to be a run up into earnings as most major technology stocks will be reporting earnings within the next few weeks. As for AAPL they are unveiling a new product called the Tablet and this could be a buy the rumor sell the news type of event into the release of the new product.

The technology heavy NASDAQ… Continue

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How To Not Be Fooled By The Jobs Report And Its Impact On The Recovery

As the markets float slightly to the downside, the market continues to digest the Non Farm Payrolls and Unemployment data from this morning. Non Farm Payrolls for December dropped by 85,000. This was slightly below estimates as many analysts had expected a positive growth in the jobs number. The November Non Farm Payroll number was adjusted slightly to a positive number. While overall, this report was not what many were hoping for, the real drama should be the unemployment… Continue

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Negative Bias Issued On Oil And U.S. OIL FUND ETF (NYSE: USO)

Oil has spiked over the last month, moving well above the $80 level in the last week. This has partly due to the dollars pullback off a recent high yet more so because the outlook on the global economy has improved dramatically. Everywhere you look, stocks are near or at new 52 week highs, commodities are there as well. While everything seems fine and dandy, I am putting my reputation on the line again to make another bold call. I am giving a negative bias on oil and the U.S. OIL FUND ETF… Continue

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Spherix Incorporated (NasdaqCM: SPEX) Is Ready To Rumble With Its Diabetes Drug

Spherix Incorporated (NasdaqCM: SPEX), a small biotech company that may be on the verge of a major drug in the diabetes fight. The key drug is Naturlose which is a naturally occuring sugar substitute. It is currently in phase III clinical trials and looks extremely promising.

The key to this drug is that it is natural. Not harmful to those that take it. It has shown to decrease weight, glucose spike blunting, treatment of type 2 diabetes, gut health and improved fetal survival and… Continue

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Fat Banks Have It Made In The Shade

Since early last year the major banks have had it made in the shade. What other business can you make money without taking on any risk? Ever since the financial crisis last year the major banks such as J.P. Morgan (NYSE:JPM), Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC), and Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) have been able to borrow from the Federal Reserve Bank at nearly zero percent. However, they are not lending any money. So one may ask how are they making any money if they are not making loans? The answer is that… Continue

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Market SHAKE, Gold RATTLE, And Dollar ROLL For 2010

The SPX (NYSE:SPY) market is trading higher to start the first trading session of 2010. This all comes on the back of a weaker U.S. Dollar (NYSE:UUP). Many traders and investors have been discounting the weak dollar/stronger stock market relationship over the past three weeks as both have moved higher together. Today that old relationship is certainly alive and well as the dollar is getting crushed and the market is soaring. Obviously gold (NYSE:GLD), oil(NYSE:USO), and agriculture stocks such… Continue

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