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Professional Boxer, Doctor... Now It's The Traders Turn!

What Does It Take To Master The Markets? Many times in my career I have encountered new traders who believe they have the ability to master the markets after reading a book on trading, or even because they have obtained some form of degree. Most often the first question I ask them is; are you a fundamental trader? Fundamental traders are those who generally read a companies balance sheet, (example-EPS, PE, EBITDA, book value, etc.) or perhaps they are a technical trader which is someone who…


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In Play Now: Agri Levels You Must Know

Since the October 4, 2011 stock market low nearly every stock sector has inflated sharply higher. Many traders and investors are expecting a lot of performance chasing to take place by the lagging financial institutions. One sector that has surged higher over the past six weeks is the agriculture sector. This week, we shall uncover the important support and resistance levels traders need to know when trading in this leading stock sector.



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It's A Debt Party, Profit From It!

The economic problems in the world seem to be growing by the minute. Last week, the European Union did not reach a resolution for Greece. Many investors are wondering what will happen when Greece eventually defaults on its debt obligations. At this time, the European Union is trying to finalize the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), which is really another TARP like bailout program. It is still amazing that the central banks and the governments around the world continue…


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Market Movers: Know These Levels And Profit

Know These Levels And Profit From The Market Leaders

Last week, the major stock indexes all rallied sharply higher. The markets seemed to have shrugged off all of the problems in the European Union, Asia, and the United States. Traders and investors rallied the Dow Jones Industrial Average by more than 500.00 points to 11,509.09 by the end of the week. Are these stock markets out of the woods now and ready to rally? Not so fast, last week was options expiration and… Continue

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Pro Traders Play Book - Major Action!

Did These Stocks Actually End The Week Positive?

As you know the major stock market indexes continue to struggle. Almost every sector has come under heavy selling pressure since late July 2011. Most traders and investors are now wondering where strength can be found in the market, and if there is any sector worthy of an investment. Well, while long term investing may be out of favor these days there are always trading opportunities available to those who can… Continue

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The Sky Looks Clear For The Cloud

This morning, the major stock indexes are all trading sharply higher to begin the day. The technology heavy NASDAQ Composite has been the leading index trading higher by 1.57 percent. Last night, International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) reported earnings that are being well received by investors this morning. The move higher in IBM is setting the tone for the technology stocks today.

Some of the leading technology stocks that are rallying sharply higher include the cloud computing… Continue

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Debt Ceiling, What Debt Ceiling?

The major stocks indexes have traded in a wild range over the past two weeks. The stock market has rallied sharply higher in early July, just after the second Greek bailout in two years was passed. Now the major stock indexes decline sharply as more European Union problems emerge. The United States also has its own soap opera going on. The U.S. Congress is fighting against President Obama on raising the debt ceiling. President Obama is looking to raise the debt by more than $2 trillion dollars.… Continue

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Markets Slammed On Euro Debt Issues

The stock market is falling hard today. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE:SPY) is trading at $132.36, -2.04 (-1.52%). This massive drop in stocks is mostly due to fears over Italy. After Greece received its aid package bailout just two weeks ago, the next domino has started to fall. Spain and Portugal are most likely nearing a fall as well.

The Euro is tanking on the European debt issues. This is causing the Dollar to surge to the upside. The stronger Dollar is putting more pressure on… Continue

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Can The U.S. Dollar Index Decline Save Markets?

This morning, the major stocks indexes are declining sharply after the weak non-farm payroll report was released by the U.S. Labor Department. The government reported just 18,000 jobs created, meanwhile, the unemployment rate increased to 9.2 percent. Normally, when the U.S. Dollar Index declines the stock market indexes will inflate and trade higher. So far this morning, the U.S. Dollar Index and the major stock indexes are both declining lower.

At this point, we have to…

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