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European Banks Diverge From U.S. Banks

This morning, most of the leading European banks are coming under some early selling pressure. Meanwhile, the leading financial stocks in the United States are trading higher on the day. Traders can easily look at a J.P. Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) and see that the stock is now trading higher by 0.75 cents to $41.20 a share. This is a new eight month high for JPM. On the flip side, leading European stocks such as UBS AG (NYSE:UBS), Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE:DB), and Credit Suisse…


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Forget Supply And Demand, Trade The Central Banks

Does supply and demand even matter any longer? Just think about it for a minute, it is really the central bank's policy that really moves the market. Just look at Alcoa (NYSE:AA) today, the company missed its earnings estimate and the stock is still inflating higher after the Chinese government basically said that they will push investors to buy stocks. This stuff can't be made up. This action by the Chinese government comes as the Shanghai Index was plummeting throughout most of 2011.…


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All Of The Players Are In Place For An Inflation Extravaganza

Yesterday, all of the major stock indexes around the world surged higher after the central banks announced the coordinated intervention for the banks holding European debt. This action by the central banks is a repeat of the action taken back in September 2008. We all know what happened shortly after that intervention in 2008 as the stock markets cratered into March 2009. This time around the central bankers will probably be a bit smarter and the current scenario will not be as dire so…


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The European Tug Of War Has Begun

Germany is considered the most important country in the European Union. This country now has to decide if it is willing to go all in and allow the European central bank to have complete control over the banking crisis that is taking place. France has already been pleading for the European Central Bank (ECB) to start to print money to bailout the European banks. This puts Germany in a very compromising position since it has been so cozy with France over the past two years. If the German…


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European Financial Stocks Must Always Be On the Radar

This morning, the leading financial stocks in the United States markets are trading lower. This is usually a good indication that the major stock indexes will be lower as well. While that is the case this morning, it is also more important to follow the European financial stocks since this a European debt crisis. Leading European financial stocks such as Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE:DB), UBS AG (NYSE:UBS), and Credit Suisse Group AG (NYSE:CS) are all holding up exceptionally well considering…


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The Housewives of the European Union

The plot thickens again in the soap opera of the European Union. One day there is a $1.4 trillion bailout fund in place and the next day that deal is falling apart at the seams. One day Greece is on board with austerity measures and the next day they might be back to using the Greek Drachma. This Greek drama continues to get better by the minute.

Next there is Italy and Spain. Italian 10 year bond yields are now surging higher by more than 6.0 percent and this is…


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Euro-Zone Bank Trade, This Is It

In lasts week's report we focused on the debtor nations of the European union, which is all of them. This week we shall focus on the large banks that hold much of the debt issued by those nations in the Euro-zone. This past Friday, all of the major bank stocks ended the trading session with a sharp sell off. Even the leading bank stocks in the United States closed lower and showed very ugly reversal days on the charts. Let us take a look at the leading European banks and find the… Continue

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European Banks Are Talking To Us

This morning, all of the leading European financial institutions are selling off sharply to start the day. The European banking crisis seems to be getting worse by the minute. Traders can easily see stocks such as National Bank of Greece (NYSE:NBG), Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE:DB), Credit Suisse Group (NYSE:CS), UBS AG (NYSE:UBS), and countless other financial institutions are trading lower by more than 3.00 percent or more. This is not a sign of a healthy financial system, it is a sign of a… Continue

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JPM Is Still The Only Indicator That Matters

When J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.(NYSE:JPM) bounces or trades higher the major stock indexes move higher. When this leading bank stock declines the major stock indexes moves lower. At this time, when there is a banking and financial crisis taking place traders can simply follow the leading financial stock in the market and that is JPM stock. This leading financial stock will have intra-day resistance around the $34.05 area intra-day.

Sure, other leading financial…

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The Only Sector That Needs To Be Followed

If we have learned one thing since the 2007 top it is that the financial stocks are the most important sector that a trader or investor can follow. When the financial stocks decline it is prudent to expect the major stock indexes to follow right behind them. In 2008, the financial crisis was all about the large banks and in 2011 it is still all about the large banks. This time the banking crisis has emerged from across the pond, the European Union. This problem will not just disappear… Continue

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Banks Will Tell Us Everything We Need To Know

The large financial Stocks have lead the markets lower throughout 2011. This morning, bank stocks around the world are declining sharply lower. The leading bank stock in the United States is J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.(NYSE:JPM). This market leading financial stock is declining lower by $1.92 to $34.56 a share. The low for JPM stock was made last week at $33.69 a share on August 9, 2011. This low is going to be a critical level for JPM to hold as support. Believe it or not, as long as… Continue

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