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U.S. Dollar Plummets, That Is All you Need To Know

This morning, the U.S. Dollar Index is declining and that is helping to inflate the major stock indexes once again. Normally, energy and commodity stocks will be the first equities to inflate when the U.S. Dollar declines, however, these days everything in the market including technology stocks will inflate as soon as the U.S. Dollar dips. It seems that the institutional traders simply have the computers set to buy the markets on any decline in the greenback.…


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The Semiconductor Sector Is Still The One To Follow

These days the technology sector is predominantly dominated by Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL), Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), and Inc (NYSE:AMZN). When an investor wants to know if the tech stocks are trading higher they will usually just look at one of these market leaders; however, it is the semiconductor sector that is still the technology barometer. Traders can simply follow the Market Vectors Semiconductor ETF (NYSEARCA:SMH) for a good indication of the sector. When this sector…


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NASDAQ Pause Day Or All Out Weakness?

This afternoon, the highly followed NASDAQ Composite is trading slightly lower on the session. This decline in the tech heavy NASDAQ comes as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index are trading higher. It is important for traders to remember that the NASDAQ Composite traded higher by 80.0 points yesterday, therefore, today's small pullback is very common after such a large price move. Often, the major stock indexes will consolidate or pause before moving higher…


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Semiconductors Are Down But Not Out

The Semiconductors Holders Trust (NYSEARCA:SMH) are trading lower by 0.25 cents to $29.51 a share. This ETF is viewed by many as a leading indicator for the tech heavy NASDAQ Composite. When the semiconductor sector shows strength most of the leading technology stocks will generally remain strong. The SMH is trading around a short term support level on the daily chart around the $29.00 area. The SMH will have short term intra-day chart support around the $29.30 and $29.00…


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Semiconductors Set The Tone For Tech

This morning, the Semiconductor Holders Trust (NYSE:SMH) is coming under some selling pressure as the SMH is trading lower by 0.54 cents to $31.39 a share. When the semiconductor stocks decline it is usually a sign that most technology stocks will be weak. Often the semiconductor sector will lead the NASDAQ Composite on the daily and intra-day charts. Many traders and investors believe that the NASDAQ cannot trade higher without a strong semiconductor sector. Short term traders can…


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Options Expiration Volatility Should Continue

This trading week has been like a see-saw, one day the markets are up and the next day they are down. During the week of trading leading up to options expiration Friday the markets will usually be very volatile. Traders and investors must remember that there will usually be a lot of game playing by the large financial institutions that can move markets. Remember, the guy at home with a small online trading account is not moving the markets, it is the large institutions that have…


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Tech Stock Profit Plays

The major stock indexes have surged higher over the past two weeks. The leader of this move has been the highly followed NASDAQ Composite. The tech heavy NASDAQ Composite soared higher by 367.0 points in just nine trading days. This is a remarkable rally for any index in such a short period of time. When the NASDAQ Composite leads the major stock indexes higher it is usually viewed as a short term sign of strength for the overall stock market . The opposite is true when the Dow Jones…


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Chip Off The Old Block

This afternoon, the major stock indexes are coming under selling pressure once again. Most leading commodity, energy, and financial stocks are trading lower across the board. The one area of strength in this market is coming from the semiconductor stocks. These stocks are not trading higher by all that much, however, they are continuing to hold up well in a very tough stock market environment.

The Semiconductor Holders Trust (NYSE:SMH) is trading higher by 0.18… Continue

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Volatile Environment Leading Up To Options Ex

Believe it or not, this Friday is options expiration for the month of August. After experiencing last week's crazy action in the stock market this week could see more of the same type of wild intra-day swings. Often during the week of options expiration the major stock indexes and the popular stocks will trade in a very volatile and choppy fashion. Traders should expect more intra-day ups and downs throughout the rest of the trading week into the close on Friday. This is a week of… Continue

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Shake That Tail

This morning, the sky was falling as the major stock indexes plummeted, however, after a heavy volume surge after the open the major stock indexes started to recover a bit off the lows. At one point, the Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA) was down by more than 150.00 points before bouncing higher. This afternoon, the DJIA is trading lower by just 20.00 points. The big question is whether this market can hold up into the closing bell. Traders should always remember the old market adage, it… Continue

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Nasdaq Gets The Pile-Driver

This afternoon, the major stock indexes are plummeting sharply lower. The catalyst for the decline is obviously the failure of Washington coming to some debt ceiling resolution. At this point, it really does not matter if the debt ceiling gets raised or not, it really comes down to knowing what the politicians are really going to do. It will help if the Republicans simply come out and say the debt ceiling will not be raised, period. This action would help to strengthen the U.S. Dollar and… Continue

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