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Cloud Stocks Float

This morning, all of the leading cloud computing stocks are catching a bid higher. Yesterday, the cloud computing stocks were sold off with the major stock market indexes. One of the leading cloud computing stocks that are trading higher today is Rackspace Hosting Inc (NYSE:RAX). This stock is trading higher by 0.41 cents to $51.73 a share. Short term traders should watch for intra-day resistance around the $52.57 and $53.25 levels. RAX stock is still trading above the daily chart 50…


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Cloud Stocks Reaching A Short Term Ceiling

All of the cloud computing stocks are trading higher again this morning. Earlier today, Oracle Corp (NASDAQ:ORCL) purchased Taleo Corp (NASDAQ:TLEO) for $1.9 billion. This deal is certainly helping many of the leading cloud computing stocks to trade higher today.

Leading cloud stocks such as Rackspace Hosting Inc (NYSE:RAX), Citrix Systems Inc (NASDAQ:CTXS), and Aruba Networks Inc (NASDAQ:ARUN) are all approaching daily chart resistance levels. All of these…


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Cloud Stocks Report: Profits In The Sky

Since October 4, 2011 the major stock market indexes have soared sharply higher. This October rally has been one for the record books. Obviously, short covering from the European bailout news has helped this stock market trade higher over the past four weeks. The leading technology stocks have benefited greatly from this stock market surge. This week we shall look at three leading stocks in the cloud computing sector that have soared to overbought levels. As we all know, overbought…


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Cloud Stocks And Their Near Term Ceilings

Many of the cloud computing stocks are trading higher this morning. Yesterday's market rally helped to lift these popular technology stocks off of their recent lows. Prior to the May 2011 top in the stock market it was the cloud computing stocks that were leading the stocks markets higher. These stocks could be staging near term bounces, however, there will be good resistance levels coming into play very soon.

F5 Networks Inc (NASDAQ:FFIV) is a leading computer…

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Cloud Stocks Skyrocket

The afternoon, the major stock indexes are soaring higher. Technology stocks are leading the rally higher with the NASDAQ Composite trading up by nearly 3.00 percent on the session. When the tech stocks rally we must always look at the important cloud computing stocks to be market movers.

Rackspace Hosting Inc.(NYSE:RAX) is a leading hosting and cloud computing company. This stock has been beaten down since early July 2011 when the stock traded as high as $46.00 a… Continue

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Cloud Stocks Still Remain In A Rain Shower

The cloud computing stocks have been beaten up throughout the month of August along with all of the major stock indexes. Yesterday, this important group of cloud technology stocks had a good rally as the tech heavy NASDAQ Composite traded higher by 100.00 points from a very oversold condition. At this time, all of the popular cloud computing stocks seem to be trading with the major stock indexes. This is what happens when major stock indexes decline in such a dramatic fashion, leading… Continue

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Three Cloud Computing Stocks That Could Be Takeover Candidates

This afternoon, the street is buzzing over the Google Inc.(NASDAQ:GOOG) buyout of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.(NYSE:MMI). Most investors on Wall Street were betting that InterDigital Inc.(NASDAQ:IDCC) was the leading candidate for a Google takeover. It just proves that any company with good intellectual properties and important patents could be a takeover target. While investors are focusing on the mobile handset makers today it is the cloud computing stocks that should be watched as… Continue

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The Final Hour Is The Real Test

Day after day, the major stock indexes seem to give up the early gains in the final hour of the trading session. This afternoon, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading higher by 400.00 points to 11,118.00. This rally higher is broad based as every sector seems to catching a bid higher. All is well in Mayberry at the moment. The final dreaded 3:00 pm hour is upon us. This is a time many many institutional traders have been pressing the sell button over the past three weeks. Let us… Continue

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As Oversold As We Have Seen It

There is nothing but selling taking place at this time. Stocks are being sold with a vengeance. This tells us that there are a few large financial institutions that have been caught on the wrong side of this market. In the past, when a major hedge fund or prop desk was under water on a position the other big fish will press there short side bet and drive the nail in the coffin for the struggling firm. We can only wonder who is caught on the wrong side of Bank of America Corp.(NYSE:BAC) at… Continue

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Shake That Tail

This morning, the sky was falling as the major stock indexes plummeted, however, after a heavy volume surge after the open the major stock indexes started to recover a bit off the lows. At one point, the Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA) was down by more than 150.00 points before bouncing higher. This afternoon, the DJIA is trading lower by just 20.00 points. The big question is whether this market can hold up into the closing bell. Traders should always remember the old market adage, it… Continue

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