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Can The Dollar Fall Enough To Save The Day?

Once again, the U.S. Dollar Index (DX-M2) is declining lower after the opening bell rings at the New York Stock Exchange. This happens very often when the major stock indexes are breaking lower. You see, when the dollar declines everything in the stock and commodity markets will inflate and trade higher. Just the opposite will happen when the U.S. Dollar Index rallies, the stock markets will decline and deflate lower.

As you all know by now, J.P. Morgan Chase…


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When The Dollar Pops The Market Drops

This morning, the major stock indexes have been declining since the opening bell. Often, when the major stock indexes decline the U.S. Dollar Index will come to the rescue by declining intra-day, that is not the case today. Usually, when the U.S. Dollar Index declines the major stock indexes will usually inflate and trade higher. On the flip side, when the dollar rallies the markets will deflate and trade lower. Today, the U.S. Dollar Index is surging higher since 9:50 am EST putting…


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Can The Greenback Fall Enough To Save The Markets

Nearly every trading session when the stock market is lower the U.S. Dollar Index is higher. Well, that is certainly the case once again today. This morning, the U.S. Dollar Index futures (DX-M2) are trading higher by 0.38 cents to $79.69 per contract. While 0.38 cents does not sound like much in the U.S. Dollar Index; it can move markets. If you are a trader that does not have a chart of the U.S. Dollar Index you can follow the PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish (NYSEARCA:UUP)…


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Markets Pause Ahead Of Earnings

This afternoon, leading aluminum producer Alcoa Corp (NYSE:AA) will report earnings after the closing bell. While Alcoa may not move the major stocks indexes much, it is an indication that the start of corporate earnings season is upon us. The trading volume over the past couple of weeks has been extremely light. Short term traders are looking forward to the increase in volume and volatility that is certain to hit the stock markets over the next month.…


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Always Beware Of The Bernank

This morning, all of the major stock indexes are surging higher at the open. The early rally is sparked by global central bank intervention, The central banks around the world will provide liquidity to the large banks that cannot borrow. We must all believe that the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is behind this move. The action by the central banks around the world is causing a massive short squeeze in the markets. Just think about how many investors went short yesterday as the…


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Inflation Or Deflation, Who Cares, Just Trade It

This stock market will continue to dip and flip on a regular basis. The days of buy and hold seem to be long gone. Sometimes during the intra-day action the stock markets can have swings of 2 – 3 percent. This is a stock market for chart readers and not for the person that buys on economic data or price to earnings ratios. The stock market does not care what method anyone uses, it will take your last dollar if you do not know what you are doing.

Just think about…


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Large Gap Ups Make Scalping Less Plentiful

Scalp trading or day trading is when a trader looks to catch small moves in the stock market within a single trading day. Day traders will usually hold a stock for a few seconds to a few hours within a trading session. This type of trading style is not for everyone, however, it does have its benefits as most scalp traders will not have the risk of holding a stock overnight. Scalp trading or day trading is a very calculated method of trading requiring a good level of expertise in chart…


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Buffett Bounce

When the stock markets get into serious trouble the Oracle of Omaha will come out of the woodwork to defend stocks. Once again, Warren Buffett just appeared on CNBC live from the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Buffett said that he is buying stocks and is investing in the United States. The SPDR S&P 500 Index (NYSE:SPY) has climbed sharply off the lows. Traders should watch for intra-day resistance on the SPY around the $115.52 area.

Nicholas Santiago…


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A Federal Reserve Without A Plan

When is the last time that the Federal Reserve said that they will keep rates low until 2013? This is certainly the most bizarre statement that we have ever heard from the central bank. Sure, the stock market likes low rates, however, when the Federal Reserve makes comments like this it starts to sound and look like Japan. The Japanese economy has gone nowhere in twenty years. Did the Federal Reserve just tell us that we are in stagflation? There is very little confidence coming from the… Continue

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Debt Man Walking

If the United States government raises the debt ceiling it will face problems down the road. If it does not raise the debt ceiling it will have to face some problems right now. Is there really a point in having a debt ceiling at all? Almost every administration in the past has raised the debt ceiling before. The question should be asked, is the United States at its breaking point where the country cannot absorb any more debt? The truth is that none of us really know for sure what the… Continue

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Intra-day Dollar Dip Helps To Inflate Indexes

This afternoon, the major stock indexes have rallied sharply higher off the morning lows. The major stock indexes are still trading in negative territory on the session, however, if the U.S. Dollar Index continues to decline many leading stocks could continue to inflate and trade higher throughout the session. Despite all the problems in the European Union, it is the U.S. Dollar Index that dominates the market movement. Stock indexes simply trade inverse to the U.S. Dollar Index. Short… Continue

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SPY Trading Volume Is Very Light Considering ALL Of The News

This morning, the S&P 500 Trust (NYSE:SPY) is trading just 47 million shares as of 11:00 am EST. This is very light volume considering all of the news that the market has had today. This tells us that many institutions are waiting on tomorrow's June non-farm payroll report by the U.S. Labor Department before committing more capital to this market.

Nicholas Santiago

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