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Chinese Internet Stocks Signal Trouble

This afternoon, many of the leading Chinese internet stocks are coming under some distribution. Last night, China reported some economic data that was below analysts expectations. This tells us that the world's hottest economy could be cooling off. Any slowdown in China could be problematic for the global economy.

Sina Corp (NASDAQ:SINA) is a leading Chinese internet stock that started the session very strong. The stock traded as high as $80.80 a share at the…


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Chinese Internet Stocks Are The Weak Link Today

This morning, all of the leading Chinese internet stocks are declining lower. Baidu Inc (NASDAQ:BIDU) is considered the leading Chinese ADR in the market. Today, BIDU stock is trading lower by $2.83 a share. Short term traders should watch for intra-day support around the $137.00, and $135.00 levels. The daily chart is holding up fine for BIDU at the moment.

Some other leading Chinese internet stocks that are declining lower this morning include Inc…


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Asian Stock Indexes, Here Is The Trade

Throughout 2011 most traders and investors have focused on the banking and sovereign debt  crisis in the European Union. Nearly every trading day is filled with news of different bailout plans for the large countries in the Euro-zone. This week, we shall switch gears a little and focus on the three leading Asian stock indexes. After all, the Asian markets are supposed to be the growth engines of the world. Some of the Asian stock indexes have lead the markets in the world since the…


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Beware Of Weak Stocks In A Strong Market

All of the major stock indexes are rallying sharply higher today. Technology, energy, precious metals, and even the financial stocks are trading higher on the session. By all accounts the major stock indexes are holding up very well. While this rally appears strong today there are a few leading stocks that just can't seem to catch a bid. Stocks that fail to rally when the stock market is strong must be watched closely. These stocks are signaling weak relative strength compared to the…


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Forget Europe, This Is Worse

As you all know, the banking crisis in the European Union is an absolute disaster. Most of the countries in the European Union are insolvent and they will have to likely default at some point. Whether or not there is a structured default remains to be seen. At this time, the European Union is likely pass this European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) to help bailout all of the Euro-zone banks in the near term. This plan is simply paying off debt with more debt. While it may keep the European… Continue

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Euro-zone Breakdown

This afternoon, the popular and highly followed German DAX closed lower by over 4.00 percent to 5189.93. This is a fresh new 52 week closing low for the most important stock index in the European Union. The iShares MSCI Germany Index Fund ETF (NYSE:EWG) is trading lower by 0.92 cents to $17.89 a share. Traders must now watch for the next support area on the EWG which is at $16.75. This support pivot was made on the daily chart going back to July 2009. After that next support level the… Continue

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Markets Down Again, Expect Another Volatile Session

Yesterday was the first trading session where the major stock indexes finished strong into the close since August 3, 2011. The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished higher by over 400.0 points by the closing bell. Is this move yesterday just an oversold bounce, or was it the start of a major bottom? These are the questions that many traders and investors are asking themselves. This morning, the S&P 500 Index e-mini futures (ES U1) are trading lower by 13.50 points to 1158.00 per… Continue

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The Ivy League View On ETFs

Harvard's endowment fund, the largest and most-watched university endowment in the U.S., disclosed in SEC filings that it continued to up its stakes in select emerging markets ETFs in the second quarter while paring its holdings of others.…


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SMF Notes: FXI China data points to expected slowdown

FBR Capital notes investors have been waiting for the data to show the economic slowdown and the July data did not disappoint but the bottom is not falling out. The markets will sell off on this news but investors need to also focus on potential acceleration of residential building replacement made by the Ministry of Housing & Urban-Rural Development on top of the affordable housing ramp. FBR estimates that this replacement could represent nearly 300 mln sq… Continue

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SMF Notes: FXI China NBS releases July major economic indicators data; July CPI increased 3.3%

I. The completion of real estate development

From January to July, the total investment in real estate development was 2,386.5 billion yuan, up by 37.2 percent year-on-year. Of which, investment in commercial residential buildings reached 1,670.9 billion yuan, 34.5 percent of increase year-on-year, which occupied 70.0 percent of the investment in real estate… Continue

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