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European Stock Indexes Slide Deep Into The Red

All of the leading European stock indexes have been declining since the opening bell rang at the New York Stock Exchange. Fear is starting to spread in the market as many investors are expecting some European countries to need another bailout. The Institute for International Finance warned that a disorderly default by Greece would likely force Italy and Spain to seek financial aid. Portugal and Ireland have also been rumored to need a second bailout and everyone is now wondering where…


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European Debt Crisis Starts To Erupt Again

This morning, the problems in the European Union are starting to surface once again. Recently, all of the major stock indexes have been floating higher steadily each and every day on extremely light volume. Often, stock rallies that lack volume and conviction can lead to sharp sell off days. At this time, there are reports that Greece may have to default and this could trigger a domino effect in many European credit default swaps (CDS). A credit default swap is basically an insurance…


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Three Reasons Why This Will Remain A Traders Market For Years To Come

If you happen to be in a diversified retirement fund you probably finished 2011 basically flat. Many of the popular hedge fund managers also underperformed the S&P 500 Index last year. This tells us that it must be tough out there if the so-called smartest people around cannot beat the market. It really seems that the only people who can make money in this type of environment are the savvy traders who play these up and down moves. This market has not been an easy endeavor for the…


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The European Indexes Still Look Ugly

A couple of weeks ago the European Central Bank (ECB) created a new lending facility to the banks in Europe. The European banks could borrow capital from the ECB at 1.00 percent for up to three years. Since the program began there have been over 523 banks that have taken advantage of the lending facility. Many traders and investors expect this to help the stock markets in the European Union, however, the charts on these indexes still look very ugly.

The iShares…


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The European Circus

It is still amazing how the stock market reacts to all of the news coming out of Europe. The reaction from all of the Greek news is somewhat comical. Why in God's earth would the Greek government not default? It is absolutely in their best interest to simply go bankrupt. They have milked the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the American tax payer who is the largest contributor to the IMF for all they can. If the Greek government goes bankrupt at…


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Flip This Chart Upside Down And There Is The Rally

It is still amazing at how people get so excited about a stock market rally that occurs when the value of the U.S. Dollar declines. Are people crazy or what? When the U.S. Dollar Index declines the cost of goods that people need to live becomes more expensive, Just look at the price increase in oil since October 4, 2011, on that day oil was trading below $76.00 a barrel. Today the price of WTI oil reached $93.74 a barrel. Heating oil will be needed very soon as winter comes upon us…


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Last Ditch Effort Did Not Work

This afternoon, the major stock indexes are still under severe selling pressure. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading lower by more than 440.00 points to 10,674.00. The one factor that is helping the stock indexes from declining lower is the quick drop in the U.S. Dollar Index. Around 2:20 pm EST there was news released that the European Union was looking to quickly capitalize the banks in the Euro-zone. We have to chuckle, what have they been doing for the past two years? All of… Continue

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Euro-zone Breakdown

This afternoon, the popular and highly followed German DAX closed lower by over 4.00 percent to 5189.93. This is a fresh new 52 week closing low for the most important stock index in the European Union. The iShares MSCI Germany Index Fund ETF (NYSE:EWG) is trading lower by 0.92 cents to $17.89 a share. Traders must now watch for the next support area on the EWG which is at $16.75. This support pivot was made on the daily chart going back to July 2009. After that next support level the… Continue

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Repeat of 1997, This Time It Is The West

This recent stock market decline can now be compared to the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis also called the Asian Contagion. This time around it is the European Union collapse that is the leading catalyst for the declines in the stock market. Throughout history the markets have a tendency to repeat themselves in different regions. The debt that all Western countries have is really overwhelming when you think about it. What else could we expect when these numerous countries have higher debt… Continue

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Vampire Market

Since July 21, 2011, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped lower by 786.0 points, the popular stock index is now trading below the psychological 12,000 level. This is one fast and massive drop for all of the major stock indexes in such a short period of time. The debt ceiling bill has been passed by the politicians and the stock market participants do not care. If the politicians caved on the debt deal because of the stock market they sure look silly now. In any case, there is now… Continue

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Let Us Trade The Politicians

The major stock market indexes all sold off lower this morning after staging a sharp gap higher open. The catalyst for the stock market pop at the open was obviously the passing of a debt ceiling resolution in Washington. Shortly after it looked as if a compromise was made by both parties, statements from leading members of the Congress have said that they are not sure if they will vote for the deal. The stock market only wants to have certainty. Even if the debt ceiling was not increased… Continue

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