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Metals Rally As Dollar Fades

Generally, the leading industrial, and precious metal stocks will be the first equities to catch a bid when the U.S. Dollar Index declines intra-day. This morning, traders can easily see how the SPDR Gold Trust (ETF) (NYSEARCA:GLD), ProShares Ultra Silver (ETF) (NYSEARCA:AGQ), and the PowerShares DB Gold Double Long ETN (NYSEARCA:DGP) are all catching an early bid as the dollar retreats from the open. All of these trading vehicles will signal inflation in the stocks market and that is…


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What Is Gold Telling Us Today?

There is a very simply rule that traders should follow, when gold is trading higher it is signaling an inflating stock market. The opposite is true when gold is trading lower, it is signaling a deflating stock market. Gold and the major stock indexes are synonymous at this time and will trade in the same direction. Traders and investors should know that gold often leads the stock markets and will usually signal the direction for the major stock indexes.



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The Gold Barometer

Every trader in the world follows gold and they should. When gold rallies, or bounces higher it will usually signal that inflation is being pumped into the stock market. The opposite is true when gold declines and sells off, it will signal that the stock market indexes are deflating and will trade lower. Gold is the ultimate barometer of the amount of stimulus that the central banks are creating and putting into the market.

Traders can easily see the move in…


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Gold Is Not Participating In The Market Pop

This morning, the popular and highly traded SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE:GLD) is not trading higher with the major stock indexes. The GLD is trading lower by 0.34 cents to $167.07 a share. Over the past five trading days the GLD has soared sharply higher, therefore, today could just be a pause day or a breather from a quick move. Since early September, gold has signaled that the economy is facing deflationary pressures. The GLD bottomed on September 26, 2011 at $154.19 a share which was…


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Is The Gold Move Signaling Deflation?

This morning, every major stock index is coming under pressure. Recently, when the stock markets decline the prices in gold have moved higher. Today, gold is selling off very sharply trading lower by $65.00 to $1739.80 an ounce. The SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE:GLD) are trading lower by $5.45 to $168.15 an ounce. This is one of the rare occasions that gold and the stock markets are declining together. It seems that the safe haven trade is the U.S. Dollar, and U.S. Treasuries at the… Continue

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Gold Retreats Intra-day, Is There More To Come?

Spot gold for December ended the session lower by $3.60 to $1873.30 an ounce. Earlier in the day, gold reached a new all time high of $1923.70 before reversing lower. Many traders and investors believe that it is the strong surge in the U.S. Dollar Index that helped to pullback gold back from the intra-day highs. While a stronger U.S. Dollar Index will usually cause most industrial commodities to retreat it usually has very little effect on gold these days. Many traders are…

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Gold And Silver Can Still Be Traded

Recently, the precious metals have received massive media coverage. Some traders say that gold is a bubble and is now bursting. Other traders say that gold is the only safe haven for people to put their money. It is important to note, gold is now in a 10 year bull market. Bull markets such as the one we have seen in gold will simply need to have a correction from time to time. If you ask the average person on the street if they own any gold bullion or gold coins they will tell you no. In… Continue

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The Gold Rush Is Over For Now, However, It Will Be Back

Anyone one that knows anything about the ebb and flow of the markets knows that gold was severely overbought. Therefore, it is simply time for gold to pullback or even have a meaningful correction at this time. After all, gold has outperformed every asset class over the past 10 years. In 2001, gold was trading around $255.00 an ounce. Earlier this week, gold traded as high as $1917.90 and ounce before pulling back. This afternoon gold is declining lower by $97.00 to $1764.00 an ounce. It… Continue

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Gold Surges After the Bernank

The SPDR Gold Shares(NYSE:GLD) have soared higher after the Federal Reserve said they will keep the Fed funds rates at zero percent until 2013. In other words, the central bank will keep rates as low as they can. The GLD is trading higher by $4.93 to $172.12 a share. Traders and investors should note that spot gold and the GLD are very extended and overbought on the daily charts. Therefore, traders should not rule out a near term pullback soon despite all of the money creation by the… Continue

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QE Euro Style

The European Central Bank(ECB) just announced that they will begin there own version of quantitative easing. The central bank said that they will buy Spanish and Italian bonds going forward. This news just spiked the S&P 500 Index. The SPDR S&P 500 Trust (NYSE:SPY) just bounced higher by more than three points in less than an hour. Traders should watch for short term resistance on the SPY around the $121.80 area.

Many traders have jumped into gold and silver on the…

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Markets Plummet, Here Is What Is Bouncing

The major stock markets indexes have reversed and plummeted lower after the weak ISM report. All of the leading indexes are now trading lower on the trading session after starting the morning sharply higher. There are a few areas that have bounced higher since the stock market declined around 10:00 am EST and they are gold, silver and the U.S. Dollar Index.

The highly followed and traded SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE:GLD) started the morning trading as low $156.78 a share. Since that…

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Nasdaq Gets The Pile-Driver

This afternoon, the major stock indexes are plummeting sharply lower. The catalyst for the decline is obviously the failure of Washington coming to some debt ceiling resolution. At this point, it really does not matter if the debt ceiling gets raised or not, it really comes down to knowing what the politicians are really going to do. It will help if the Republicans simply come out and say the debt ceiling will not be raised, period. This action would help to strengthen the U.S. Dollar and… Continue

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Gold Stands Alone At The Moment

The SPDR Gold Shares have been in rally mode since July 1, 2011 when it traded as low as $143.97 a share. Since that low pivot in the beginning of July, the GLD has rallied sharply higher by 5.0 percent. This morning, the GLD is trading higher by $1.34 to $151.59 a share. Short term traders can watch for intra-day resistance around the $152.00 area. Should the GLD rally further throughout the session the $152. 50 area would be the next intra-day resistance area. Gold is being viewed by many… Continue

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