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The Only Financial Stock That You Need To Follow

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) is the most important financial stock that any trader can follow at this time. This stock has lead the major market indexes higher throughout the first three months of 2012 and now the same stock is leading the markets lower. JPM stock has come under some major scrutiny after reporting a $ 2 billion trading loss in its investment unit. The daily chart of JPM stock remains very weak as the stock has cut through the important daily chart 200 moving…


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Financial Stocks Keep Markets From Coming Unglued

This morning, all of the leading financial stocks are catching a bid higher. This move in the financial stocks comes despite the sharp sell off in the overnight trading session in the futures market. The most important financial stock that any trader can follow is J.P. Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM). Today, JPM stock is trading higher by 0.25 cents to $42.00 a share. It should be known by almost every trader and investor by now that JPM is a stock that should be treated as a stock…


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Here Is The Chart That Saves The Markets Everyday

Nearly everyday, the U.S. Dollar Index (DX-M2) will decline after the opening bell rings at the New York Stock Exchange. Today is a perfect example of how the U.S. Dollar Index will sell off when the major stock indexes are close to a break down. Earlier today, the European markets were coming under some heavy selling pressure. The selling was also picking up in the U.S. markets, however, once the dollar declined the major stock indexes in the U.S. rallied back. Tomorrow, Spain is…


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The Only Financial Stock That Matters

In 2012, the financial stocks have lead the stock markets higher. Most of the leading stocks in the financial sector still remain in a daily uptrend. This is very evident when traders are viewing the Financial Select Sector SPDR (ETF) (NYSEARCA:XLF). The XLF is clearly trading above the 50, and 200 daily chart moving averages at this time. While the overall sector still remains strong there is just one leading stock in the financial sector that traders should follow, it is J.P. Morgan…


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Too Big To Fail Is Too Big To Fall

This afternoon, all of the large major bank stocks are holding up despite the sharp decline in the major stock indexes. Leading bank stocks such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM), Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C), Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC), and Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) are actually trading positive today by a few pennies. If these recent market leaders were trading lower on the session the major stock indexes would certainly be much worse today. The large financial stocks…


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Financial Stocks Must Be Watched Closely

Everyone in the financial media is raving over the higher interest rates in the bond market. Most talking heads on the cable news channels are talking about how the steeper yield curve is beneficial for the large bank stocks. There is a case that the large bank stocks can charge higher interest on their loans and make more money. Do banks make many loans these days. It seems that the large banks are still very content hoarding cash as they continue to borrow money from the Federal…


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Markets Continue Grind On Banks And Apple

The markets are grinding higher again today. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSEARCA:SPY) is trading at $140.93, +0.66 (+0.47%). This continued float higher is being driven by the banks. Just last week,  JPMogran Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) announced a share repurchase program and upped their dividend. In addition, a new staged stress test helped the other banks jump dramatically. Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) is trading up over 100% in the last three months.

In addition to the…


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European Debt Crisis: Here Is The Trade

Many of the leading European banks are now diverging from the U.S. banks, this tells us that the European debt crisis is far from over. In this Weekly Market Report we will examine three leading European banks using daily charts. The stocks discussed in this report are all trading under the daily chart 200 moving average, which is a sign of weak relative strength for the European bank stocks. The opposite is true for the U.S. banks, as J.P. Morgan…


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Financial Stocks Hold All The Cards

The leading financial stocks have been rallying higher since late November 2011. Many traders have discovered that J.P. Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) seems to be the most important financial stock in the market at this time. This stock remains very strong on the daily chart. JPM stock is trading above the important daily chart 50, and 200 moving averages which signals strength in the near term. Traders must watch the big resistance levels that will approach around the $40.00 area.…


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Financial Stocks Are Dipping Early

This morning, the leading financial stocks are coming under some early selling pressure. Since December 19, 2011 nearly every morning decline in the financial stocks has been bought in the latter part of the trading day. Last night, President Obama said that the banks would not be bailed out again and they would not be allowed to gamble the way they have in the past. This statement by President Obama could be having a negative effect on the financial stocks today.…


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Forget Supply And Demand, Trade The Central Banks

Does supply and demand even matter any longer? Just think about it for a minute, it is really the central bank's policy that really moves the market. Just look at Alcoa (NYSE:AA) today, the company missed its earnings estimate and the stock is still inflating higher after the Chinese government basically said that they will push investors to buy stocks. This stuff can't be made up. This action by the Chinese government comes as the Shanghai Index was plummeting throughout most of 2011.…


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The One Financial Stock That Everyone Should Follow

Since late 2007, it is the large financial stocks that have moved the major stocks market indexes higher and lower. Traders and investors must remember that the problems facing the economy have been in the banking and financial sectors. The one financial stock that everyone must follow extremely close is J.P. Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM).

J.P. Morgan stock is probably the most important stock that anyone could follow at this time. This stock is one of the…


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Bank Stocks Strong, Signaling Market Up Move

As the markets continue to trade lower on the day, bank stocks remain extremely strong. This is very unusual as usually downside is headed by the financial sector. Today, JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) is trading at $31.78, +0.49 (1.57%). Across the board, bank stocks are flat to higher. What does it mean?

With the bank stocks leading and the markets still lower, smart traders realize news may be on the horizon from Europe. This has been the case in the past. When the financial…


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Today: Market Analysis And Keys To The Trade

The markets are seeing red today. New worries are popping up over Europe and the debt crisis. This is causing the Dollar to spike higher and in response, the markets are falling. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSEARCA:SPY) is trading at $123.77, -2.26 (-1.79%).

The markets are holding a choppy pattern of consolidation. Overall, this still has a bullish tone to it on a macro scale. The choppy action saw a big down move last Thursday, then an up move Friday and down the markets go again…


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Financial Stocks Jump Out Of the Gate

This morning, all of the leading financial stocks are trading sharply higher. This sector is extremely important for all traders to follow on a daily basis. When the financial stocks rally it is usually a good sign that the major stock indexes will hold up. Since the November 28, 2011 pivot low the stock markets have rallied higher by 8.0 percent. This is a huge move in such a short period of time and the rally has been led by the large financial stocks.



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The Large Bank Stocks Speak Volume

Throughout the year the bank stocks have forecasted every important market move. This morning, the leading financial stocks are trading slightly lower. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) is the leading financial stock in the market place and it is the most important financial institution in the United States. JPM stock is trading lower by 0.58 cents to $33.80 a share. This stock will often single handedly predict the stock market moves on a daily basis. JPM stock will have intra-day…


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All Eyes On The Bernank

What can the Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke say this afternoon to help lift the stock markets? The major stock indexes are already trading higher in anticipation of some positive remarks by the central bank boss. The falling U.S. Dollar Index is helping the stock market today, however, the weaker dollar is not good for the people that are using dollars to purchase goods.

In any case, the central bank is expected to leave the Fed funds rate (overnight…


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Financial Stocks Look Like Zombies Today

Last week, every talking head in the financial media was falling in love with the leading financial stocks again, however, today these institutions look more like a zombie institution.

Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) was last week's big winner. Today MS stock is declining lower by $1.34 to $17.98 a share. This is a 7.0 percent decline for the financial giant. Many traders and investors believe that MS has a decent amount of exposure to the European debt market. MS…


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The Trade: Stocks Eye European Summit

The markets opened sharply higher on optimism that European leaders would reach an agreement on a rescue deal. The Euro was up and the Dollar was taking a beating. No sooner had the markets opened, the Dollar  caught a huge bid as fears crept back into the mix. This whipsaw is continuing throughout the day with all eyes on the European summit. Should a deal be reached, the initial reaction will be a sharp rally higher. However, very quickly that may fade as details emerge. The details will…


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Stock Market Manipulation At Its Finest

Stocks have reversed off early losses to surge higher. The S&P 500 is trading at 1212. The move up has come in the face of poor earnings from International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM)  which sent the stock to $177.44, -9.15 (-4.90%). Poor earnings from IBM only kept the markets down for a fraction of the day. This morning, reports from bank stocks like Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE:GS) and Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) gave a brighter outlook. Earnings have been mixed but a…


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